The Life of Riley


Formed in 2006 by Riley Smith and Henri O’Connor, The Life Of Riley has quickly put together an impressive indie collection. After recording their debut self titled album in 2007, the band took their show on the road everywhere from Los Angeles to the United Kindom. While making many stops along the way, the band sold out such acclaimed places as The Bitter End and The Living Room in New York city and captivated the midwest while opening up for grammy award winning recording artist Jordin Sparks. The band has also gained success in the indie pop radio market, earning spins all across the midwest and stretching as far south as Florida.

The Life of Riley (2007)

Song Title
01. Trouble
02. Feel For You
03. Bang Bang
04. Short Story Longer
05. Here With Me (Palm Trees)
06. Forget About Me
07. Coming Back For More
08. Let’s Get Ripped
09. 86
10. Stay
11. She Got A Move

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Long Way Home EP (2009)

Song Title
01. Reasons
02. Break Me
03. Long Way Home
04. I Wait
05. Don’t Say
06. Long Way Home (DJ Double J Remix)

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Live In Hollywood At The Hotel Cafe (2010)

Song Title
01. By The Way
02. Vancouver
03. Don’t Say
04. Forget About Me
05. New York, New York
06. Bang Bang
07. Long Way Home
08. Trouble

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By the Way (2012)

Song Title
01. By The Way
02. I Know
03. Hang
04. Perfect World
05. Don’t Say
06. This Room
07. Drive
08. Worth The Wait
09. Vancouver
10. Bad Weather

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01. All This Time (with Willa Ford)

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