Tweets Of Fame

Here are some of Riley’s most hilarious, random, and inspiring tweets since he joined Twitter on April 14, 2009.

10/18/13 @tchanya14 thanks. it was a little awkward going through customs with that job title:)“

8/30/13 @creationmgmt PS. I love you

8/30/13 Miracles do happen. My mother is on twitter. Guess ill have to watch my tongue. Y’all welcome the best mom ever, Roxanne.

8/26/13 My mom just called and told me that she was busy and she would call me in 15 minutes…. #moms

8/15/13 Filming a Christmas movie in the smack middle of a southern summer tends to get sweaty. But honestly, I’m just fine with it:)

7/24/13 Weight Watchers commercials make me want sweets… They should re think that.

6/25/13 It’s that perfect kind of overcast morning that a good coffee and a Miles Davis record lends itself to.

1/7/11 – @MitchWestphal you ready for bromance tunes? Ha! Let’s watch football before we go just so we feel manly before Rocco Deluca! Lol

12/31/10 – I have so much respect for amos and every fellow artist who follows their own path in life. Leaving a stamp on this world. With their heart

12/23/10 – My sister is having a neighborhood party tonight. So I’m gonna make my German gluhwein! Don’t think they’ve had it in Iowa.

12/20/10 – Just landed in Iowa. It’s so cold it takes your breath away. Guess I’ve gone soft in California ..

12/17/10On my way to a ugly xmas party! Tryin to win it this year with my junior boy camo elk PJ’s, and a santa hat with a beer holder attached!

12/15/10Dear bed, I’m sorry I left you for such a crappy LA day.. Please take me back and I promise to get in ya;)

12/12/10I think I ended up in a swimming pool without the pj’s by the end.. Can’t remember for sure ; )

12/12/10My head hurts.. Too much fun at Christmas parties! And a black mail pic of me in kids pj’s to prove it.

12/11/10I feel like a kid again at Christmas!

12/11/10Nothing like Xmas parties in 80 degrees… Holly wierd!

One year ago today I quit smoking! Forever! It’s the best thing I could have done! If I can do it, so can you

I’m a huge Christmas dork. Which means I’m super excited to see stores with Xmas stuff up already

This may be the wine talking, but everytime I see someone tell me they dig my music Im humbled and Have a BIG SMILE:).

Hump day is here! …. Get your minds out of the gutter;)

I’m throwing on a silver suit, boat shoes and some black ray bans! With a skinny tie! I LOVE the 80’s!

I just accidently put cream cheese on a pancake. It was a beautiful mistake! I highly recommend trying it!

Mmm bop is on in this store.. I feel 16 again.. It is catchy! Lol

I just saw a guy at the coffee shop in the mid of the day reading a book ” how to only work 4 hours a week”.Think he’s off to a good start!

I’m alone tonight and it feels good! In LA your always around someone. Sometimes ya just need to be with you..

Sunday with scripts, the couch and NFL.. In no particular order…

Here’s a good rule to live by.. Don’t go grociery shopping on an empty stomach… You’ll buy EVERYTHING! I just did..

I saw 2 little boys at the deli laughing at the 3 stooges on tv. It’s so cool that that kind of comedy surpasses that many generations!

just found out that my movie “make it happen” has a different name in Italy after a group of Italians on the subway started screaming it..

After my workout this Mornin the bell hop of hotel asked if my workout was good… I figure if they were good it would be called “fun out”

Great set at hotel cafe last night! 3 hours of sleep and a 7 am call time = a rough morning!

Like every guy when he first gets to work, I go directly to the make up chair.. Wait, most guys dont?? Oh Sh$t! =)

Cruising 30 miles out of LA to set, blasting my 80’s country mix tape. Almost feels like home! ” give me a, give me a red neck girl”!

“I’ll be watching u” is playing at lunch and for the first time in realizing that it’s kind of a creepy song..

I’m hard at work but hardly workin… You figure that one out!;)

“I before E” bla bla.. how am I suppose to spell correctly when I’m drunk?! Come on!! Plus I was horrible in school. That’s why I act..

My liver is begging for this weekend to be over! Just two more days lil buddy!!

If you can enjoy the little victories in life it will keep the bigger ones close to your reach..

The security line at airports smell like old skating rinks! They need to do away with the ” take your shoes off” rule!

I love when u bust in on someone just checking themselves out in a mirror.. Then they stop real fast.. Dude, keep lookin! It’s cool!

@MissKajlich green beer gives ya a green tongue and a bad headache in the morning.. But it’s still better than yellow snow!

2/14/10Happy heart day by the way;)…. This is going to be a great man night of bball to keep my mind off the fact that I don’t have a valentine.

Just got 10th row tics to the NBA slam dunk contest. As a kid I wanted 2 be in it. This Is as close as a 5’11” kid from Iowa will get;)

Why does everyone at the Grammys where sunglasses???? I think if you haven’t went platinum, take your shades off at night!!

Went to LAX to fly to London. Forgot my passport. Drove home to get it and just got upgraded on the next flight. Being a dummy pays off! ha

If this town is just an apple, let me take a bite…

Last shot of day one.. Because its rainin like mad in dallas, I spent the entire day doing bedroom makeout scenes;)..I can handle that work.

Workin on a horse ranch, eatin barbeque for lunch and wearin boots and a hat… This is livin! I can’t believe I get paid for days like this

My hawkeyes need some second half love!! Come on people, throw out some good vibes!:)

Enjoying a mutual love affair with my couch…. ummmm

There are not many days I will be able to say that I knew exactly what i was doing on this date 8,10,20 years ago.. But this is one of them

“Its a grooler! A grill and a cooler”! Hilarious….

I stayed up all night working on a new song that decided not to come to me until 2am.. But I think it was worth it..

102 degrees in LA and I’ve been shooting in a warehouse dowtown all day with no AC… I smell good;)

Sweet tea flavored vodka. Sweeeeet!

A hangover is like riding a bull. When you get bucked off, you just gotta get back in the saddle. cheers to this delicious corona.

“At the car wash”… Sing it!.. No, really I am here and I gotta say, the restroom smelled like vomit! I’m out..

At the sunset marque, sitting next to a band known as the kings of leon… I wanna geek out sooo bad!!

Looks like I’m not gettin off till 6am.. U know what that means.. A night cap with the sunrise.

Im so new to this twitter stuff, that I just realized that I could see if you guys actually write back! Oh, it is SO ON now!:)

Before I get to work, Ill leave you with one of my favorite jokes. I was going to get my teeth whitened, but decided to get a tan instead.

Just got back from my 4th BDAY party of the weekend. Man, there were a lot of parents gettin it on around the same time back in the day:)

Sitting in the 1st row of a movie hurts your eyes. So I closed em. Next thing i know Ushers wake me up an hour after its over. Sorry Potter.

when u are on vacation, everyday is a friday……..

Unpacking from a great weekend in Santa Barbara. Then Re packing for Anguilla trip tomorrow…. All I really need are swim trunks right? =)

everybody should exit with a rock song playing.

I love fridays without a plan… No expectations.. This night could go ANYWHERE…..

Thought for the day… Why do people make those weird fish faces with their lips when they take pics of themselves on myspace? Weird.

Spantacular!…… Its a mix between spectacular and fantastic. Spread it!

Ok, Ok, Im finally on this damn thing…. bla, bla, bla….