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Keith is described as a smouldering vampire. What sets him apart from so many others on TV right now?

Who doesn’t want another smouldering vampire?! It’s an easy explanation, but I think we all have our own things that separate us as characters and vamps.

Your character is also a rock ’n’ roll drummer. Can you play drums for real?

I never had to play the drums on camera. I wanted to! I play guitar in real life so I wanted a good excuse to learn the drums. But Keith and his band is kind of a backstory, it’s never really seen, unfortunately.

Is it true that you learned to play the guitar on a film set?

I was doing a movie in Vancouver, Canada and a few kids on set played. It was fun sitting around on set singing along.

It brought people together and put smiles on faces. I wanted to be able to do that, so I picked up a vintage guitar and had them teach me a few chords. I took that and just ran with it.

What was it like to be a newcomer on a set like True Blood where everybody knows everybody?

I’ve been doing this a long time, so I wasn’t too intimidated, but with a group this tight-knit, how can you not be a little nervous?

It was the new-kid-at-the-popular-lunch-table type feeling. But they are all such great people that it was easy to fit in. Just a really humble down-to-earth group.

You can read the entire interview here.

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Celebuzz: What can you tell us about your character on True Blood?

Riley Smith: His name is Keith, he’s the new vampire that they’ve enlisted to help fight the H-vamps. Then he creates this chemistry with Arlene and as you’ll see in the future, there’s going to be maybe a little bit of an attraction with those two.

CB: You came in and saved the day, so she has you to thank.

RS: She has my blood now so she’s going to be dreaming about me.

CB: Yeah! So, is it intimidating coming on a show that’s already so successful and already has a well-known cast?

RS: You know, I like that situation always because number one you’re always going to be working with great actors. I mean they wouldn’t be on a show for seven years if they weren’t great and the show wasn’t good. So that’s a plus, and number two, usually at that point you’ve got a really great core audience for the show. So as long as the character’s written well and you go in and do a good job, usually the fans are very supportive, so it’s a win-win for the most part. The only thing you have to do is not get overwhelmed or be intimidated. As long as you can do those things, everything else is already laid out for you. I was excited to start the show I wouldn’t say I was nervous but definitely it’s one of those iconic shows where you know these people so well, but yet you don’t know them. So when I first got on set with them it was kind of that feeling for awhile. Now I actually know them well so it’s great.

You can read the entire interview here.

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I added photos of Riley at Body At ESPYs presented by ESPN on July 15th.

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I added more photos of Riley from his photoshoot for XO Magazine.

Thanks to my friend Kaci for sending them to me!

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When: Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

You will get a full VIP day with the boys of TLoR.


1. Boat ride tour of Amsterdam (included).

2. Lunch with the boys at their favorite restaurant (meal not included).

3. A full live private set.

4. Cocktail hour to follow the show (TLoR covers 2 free drinks).

5. Pictures with the band (included).

This is a very small guest list, but we must meet a guest list of 10, or the weekend will be canceled and money will be refunded. In case of any professional conflict that the artists may have, money will also be refunded.

You can purchase your ticket here!

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Riley is featured in the June 2014 issue of Bisous Magazine, and is photographed by Shelli Wright.

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Riley is featured in the June 2014 issue of Runway Magazine, and is photographed by Shannon Laurine.

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I added photos of Riley at the Premiere Of HBO’s “True Blood” Season 7 last night.

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